Welcome to Erik Randolph Consulting. I am dedicated to integrating quantitative analysis, economic principles, and outcome-based experience in order to find practical solutions to public policy problems. I tackle more complex problems where professional experience matters.

I help clients with essential research, analysis, economic and financial modeling, report writing, legislative drafting, and presentations in order to more effectively solve problems. More recently, I have focused on clients who share the fundamental understanding that free markets, limited government, and American concepts of liberty are essential to economic prosperity, responsive government, and preserving our freedoms. And the best solutions incorporate ways to harness those strengths.

My research for the Illinois Policy Institute resulted in testifying before Congress on welfare reform and giving a presentation to the Secretaries’ Innovation Group. I have also testified before two state legislatures on welfare policy. Recent clients include the Illinois Policy Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Georgia Center for Opportunity, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Foundation, the Caesar Rodney Institute, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

In addition to consulting, I teach economics at York College of Pennsylvania where I hope to influence future generations on the importance of harnessing market forces into policy solutions. For me, the realization of its importance came from many years of experience and hard work in addition to never ceasing from studying after graduate school

Feel free to check out my website by clicking on the links above. If you have questions or are interested in any of my services, please email me at erik@erikrandolphconsulting.com.

Over time, I will be adding content, including perspectives on economics and public policy, so visit my website often.